Study tours – Post Conference

Post Conference Tours

Thursday 20th May 2021

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Additional activities in Sardinia will be proposed on Friday 21st

  1. Mountain tour: Supramonte and Gennargentu
  2. Coast Tour: a boat tour along the Gulf of Orosei shores
  3. Ethno-anthropological tour: visit at the Mamoiada cellars, dairy farms and factories in Oliena. Visit to ethnographic museum of Nuoro.

Mountain tour: Supramonte and Gennargentu


The tour will provide the participants with the opportunity to know the common lands in Sardinia, with their peculiar landscapes and rules. In addition to the visit at the National Forest of Montes it will be possible to see beautiful limestone landscapes and one of the protected areas of Europe with the most biodiversity and wilderness. During the lunch it will be possible to enjoy local genuine agroforestry products. In the afternoon, the visit to the characteristic village of Orgosolo will allow participants to admire traditional wall paintings, the so-called “murales”. To be evaluated, given the proximity, the opportunity to visit the tombs of the giants of Madau and the Nuraghic village of Gremanu.


8:30                       Departure from Nuoro

9:30-10.30           Accompained visit (AGRIS) at discovering the system of civic lands at Pradu (Orgosolo) – by AGRIS

10.30-11.00        Arrival at National Forest of Montes

11.00-13.30        Tour of Museum of Supramonte, Tour to the Panoramic point of Monte Novo S.Giovanni or Mount Fumai.

14.00-16.00        Lunch: location depending on the weather and participant number (park near Forestas Buildings or ancient sheepfold of Badu e S’ENI)

16.30-18.00        Guided tour to Village of Orgosolo, tour of small agri-food industries and Murales

18.00-18.30        Departure and return at Nuoro

Coast tour: Boat tour along the shores of the Gulf of Orosei


This tour will give the participants the chance to discover the beautiful limestone coasts of central eastern Sardinia. The visit to the village of Dorgali, its cooperatives and artisan laboratories, will allow to appreciate the cooperative atmosphere and the integration of several economic activities: agriculture and forestry, tourism, handicraft and pastoralism, which are the basis of the rich eno-gastronomic production and crafts. To be evaluated: possibility of visiting the C. Gonone Aquarium, shepherds’ cooperative and social winery.


8:00                       Departure from Nuoro

9:15                       Arrival at Cala Gonone harbour, Dorgali (the group will be divided in 3 groups)

9.30                       Visit at the Orosei gulf (boarding on three motorboats)

9.30-12.30           Gulf tour (Caves and beaches)

13.00-14.00        Lunch on the motorboat (alternatively, at Cala Luna or S. Maria Navarrese)

15.30                     Return to C. Gonone harbor and transfer to Dorgali

16.00                     Stop in Dorgali village for visits to cooperatives and artisan laboratories

19.00                     Return to Nuoro

Etho-anthropological tour: Cultural and enogastronomic itinerary

Discover the complex mosaic of agricultural, pastoral and forest landscapes  characterizing  the internal areas of the Island, the olive tree plantations and Cannonau vineyards and, while tasting some wine, understand traditions, products and landscapes generated by the interaction between man and Mediterranean biodiversity.

9:30                       Departure from Nuoro

9:50                       Arrive to the village of Mamoiada

10.00-12.30        Visit (in groups) to vineyards, cellars and museums of traditional Masks and farming civilization

13.00-15.00        Lunch at an agritourism farm

15.00-15.30        Transfer with bus to the village of Oliena

15.30-17.30        Visit to agri-food cooperatives (Dairy/ Bakery factories)

18.30-21.30        Guided Tour, dinner and visit at the Ethnografic Museum in Nuoro

Alternatively, in order to provide the possibility to know other agroforestry experiences in the Northern and Central Italy, 3 study tours at agroforestry sites in Veneto, Tuscany, Umbria, will be proposed on Friday the 21st

Travels to reach Venezia or Pisa or Orvieto require to be self organized.

Study tour in Veneto

Organized by: Veneto Agricoltura – the Regional Agency for Innovation in the Primary Sector of Veneto Region – For information, please, contact Giustino Mezzalira.

How to arrive: by plane from Sardinia to Venice airport on Thursday

Welcome drink in Piazza S. Marco, Venice, on Thursday evening

Schedule: Friday the 21st, 9:00 am meeting at Venezia-Mestre railway station – to 6:00 pm

Dinner in Venice

The tour aims to introduce the EURAF 2020 conference participants to the agroenvironmental contexts of Veneto particularly devoted to agroforestry.

The visit will start from Sasse Rami pilot and demonstration farm in Ceregnano, Rovigo, managed by Veneto Agricoltura. The farm (200 ha) hosts silvoarable systems with poplar MSA (maggiore sostenibilità ambientale – major environmental sustainability). In collaboration with the CREA-FL of Casale Monferrato (Piedmont) and with the regional poplar Association, the tests include both full-field parcels and linear plantations built along the ditches that furrow the surface of the fields. Paulownia hybrids will be shown along with tests on tree topping.

The participants will then move to Casaria farm ( in Masi, Padua, a private farm (100 ha) that is home to AIAF (Associazione Italiana di Agroforestazione – Italian Agroforestry Association – Casaria is an organic farm hosting “modern” silvoarable systems, with rows of hybrid poplar associated with oaks and alternating with arable crops. The farm hosts long period experimental tests (managed by CNR-IRET research center in Porano, Terni) related to the interactions between tree rows and arable crops and to the techniques of cultivation of species with valuable wood in agroforestry contexts.

In the afternoon, the study will continue at the linear policyclic plantations in the Valli Grandi Veronesi site, over 20 km length created and studied thanks to the LIFE project The visit will be led by Compagnia delle Foreste (, responsible for the project. Here, diffeerent woody species growing at different rotation cycles are used, thus, ensuring a continuous wood/timber and services production.

Study tour in Tuscany

Organized by:

CIRAA-UNIPI (the Agroenvironmental Reserch Center “Enrico Avanzi” of University of Pisa) –

ISV-SSSA (Institute of Life Sciences of Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna –

In collaboration with: CREA-FL and Tenuta di Paganico farm (

For information, please, contact Alberto Mantino.

How to arrive: by plane from Sardinia to Pisa airport on Thursday

Schedule: Friday, 9:30 am meeting at CIRAA in San Piero a Grado – to 6:30 pm

Dinner at Tenuta di Paganico

The tour aims to introduce the EURAF 2020 conference participants to the agro-environmental contexts of Tuscany, a region were forestry and agriculture have developed together from ancient ages, allowing the development of a unique landscape, particularly devoted to agroforestry.

The study tour will start at the E. Avanzi research center, one of the largest research centers in Europe for the study of sustainable agricultural systems: 1400 hectars within within the Natural Park of “Migliarino – San Rossore – Massaciuccoli” and of the UNESCO Biosphere (MAB) “Selva Pisana” ( The center hosts long term tests on the introduction of techniques regarding conservative agriculture (soil management, crop rotation, crop systems, etc.), with the aim of supporting sustainable, integrated and organic production systems. Currently, CIRAA is hosting and managing, together with ISV-SSSA, two experimental sites for studying the transition towards agroforestry: 1) from arable to agro-silvo-pastoral systems; 2) from short rotation forestry to silvo-arable systems.

In the afternoon, the group will move by bus to the south of Tuscany and will visit the Tenuta di Paganico farm, Grosseto: 1,500 hectares of forests, pastures, olive groves, vineyards, crops and a natural and wildlife-rich environment suited for deers, hares and porcupines. In the heart of the renowned area of Maremma Toscana, the participants will visit the organic extensive breeding of Maremmana cattle and Cinta Senese pigs, which can live and graze in the forest, as in their natural habitat.

A brief workshop on the agroenvironmental context of agroforestry in Tuscany will be held after the visit at the two experimental sites.

Study tour in Umbria and Latium

Organized by:

CNR-IRET (the National Research Council – Research Institute on Terrestrial Ecosystems) – For information, please, contact Pierluigi Paris.

How to arrive: by plane from Sardinia to Rome or Florence airport on Thursday – by train to Orvieto

Schedule: Friday, 9:00 am meeting at CNR-IRET in Porano, Terni – to 7:00 pm

Dinner at Bolsena lake

The tour aims to show the participants the mixed agroforestry systems of hill towns of central Italy (Orvieto and Bolsena Lake).

The study tour will start at CNR-IRET research center where researchers will present agroforestry systems and related research activities. The participants will then visit the “San Bartolomeo” farm ( hosting free range chicken grazing in olive plantations.

In the afternoon, the tour will continue at the public farm “Fondazione Museo Faina” on the hills around the volcanic Bolsena Lake where the participants will visit the typical mixed farming systems based on rainfed cereals and fodder crops, and oak coppice stands for firewood production. Here, it will be possible to visit the experimental study performed by CNR-IRET on the management of oak linear systems along field borders, investigating their biological potential for soil carbon sequestration, along with their effects on the yield of associated crops.