Type of presentations

Because of the numerous abstracts submitted and the limited number of time available in the programme for all the oral presentations, the Scientific and Organizing Committees, in order to give all the participants the possibility to show at the possibility to show their work in the best way, agreed on providing the attendants with different types of presentations at EURAF2020 conference.

1. Oral presentation (12 min) to be held during the parallel sessions
2. Short communication (3 min) to be held during the parallel sessions
plus poster presentation during the poster sessions
3. Poster presentation during the poster sessions
4. Agroforestry projects poster to be presented at the info-point projects

Abstracts which could not be comprised within the oral presentations (1) can be presented both through a short communication and poster presentation (2).

Poster regarding agroforestry projects presentations (4) will be displayed in a focus area, that is, an information corner properly arranged separtely from the poster session (3).

The selected and revised abstracts will be published in the book of abstract. They will be edited following the guidelines indicated in the template.