Why attend

6 reasons why you should never miss the 5th European Agroforestry Conference

Since 2012, every two years, the European Agroforestry Conference gathers agroforestry enthusiasts to share and discuss the latest developments and experiences in the field at international level. Here are just some of the reasons why you should definitely attend EURAF 2020:


1. Location

You’ll have the chance to discover the wonders of Sardinia, the second major Italian island, placed in the very heart of the Mediterranean. A geographical position which has being shaping the Island in a unique melting pot of natural and cultural diversity. Such richness makes Sardinia a meaningful place for European agroforestry. Here, long lasting agroforestry rural traditions from a remote past meet the latest innovations and developments in the field. Here, different research and farming experiences from different countries can find a meeting point and generate positive synergies.
Nowadays, Sardinian position in the Mediterranean is also representative of the big challenges given by climate change.
Agrosilvopastoral and silvopastoral practices, and agroforestry on the whole, are called upon to contribute to counteract such challenges. Your contribution can help to achieve that.

A video on agrosilvopastoral systems in Sardinia.

Last, but not least, come to Sardinia to enjoy the astonishing landscapes, the archaic sounds of this Island, the warm hospitality of Sardinian people, the huge diversity of bio-resources that result in a blend of good food, wine, music and good thinking.

2. Discover the secret to a long life

All the described features of Sardinia are strongly represented by the territory of the province of Nuoro, the town chosen to host the event. Nuoro, is geographically and culturally central to the Island as well as to the social and economic context linked to the agro-silvo-pastoral systems of Sardinia, and, more in general, of Italy.
The Nuoro area is strategically suitable to host the conference, because it is rich in woodlands, but also in cattle breeds and organic farms. The diversity of environments, landscapes, agri-food systems and traditions make this area unique. Furthermore, Nuoro is one of the five blue zones of the planet, that is, one of the five areas of the planet where the population has the highest percentages of centenarians.
This is the best place for discovering, understanding and studying different Mediterranean agroforestry systems, such as the meriagos with cork oak trees, the public managed pastures, the complex landscape mosaics with pastures, forestation sites, vineyards, orchards and olive groves.

3. Numerous networking opportunities

EURAF 2020 conference in Nuoro intends to be a physical but also an intellectual space where scientific research matches agroforestry landscapes, demonstrating their benefits in environmental, socio-economic and cultural terms.
The conference promotes the exchange of experiences and ideas between researchers, technicians and farmers. Fostering dialogue among different stakeholders is intended to develop new methods and solutions for producing sustainable food, materials, energy and services using bio-based resources provided by agroforestry systems.
Through a number of social activities, field trips, conference events EURAF 2020 wants to help academics and experts to build up networks in the same – or similar – field of studies, but also to connect people from different geographical areas and backgrounds who share a common interest in agroforestry.
The extensive program features a welcome aperitif on Sunday the 17th in the evening, followed by 2-day conference and 1 study tour day (Monday 17th – Wednesday 19th). Optional additional events will be provided the days after the conference.

The whole event will comprise:
» 4 plenary sessions for a total of 14 keynotes
» 4 parallel sessions (3 subsessions) for a total of 75 keynotes
» 4 poster sessions (in parallel with coffee-breaks)
» EURAF Assembly session
» 1 day study tours at agroforestry sites in Sardinia
» 1 welcome aperitif
» 4 coffee breaks
» 2 conference lunches
» 1 social dinner
» Various additional post-conference events

4. Discover agroforestry in all its facets

Multifunctional assets of agroforestry will be considered to encourage interdisciplinarity as a support to the possible integration of different agroforestry production supply chains.
Confrontation with policy and decision makers will give the opportunities to better develop and promote agoroforestry political strategies at European, national and local level.
EURAF 2020 will give the possibility to present new research and will be
an important opportunity to learn, beyond one’s own specific field of interest, promoting agroforestry in the academic sector as well in the professional world of farming and extension services in agriculture and forestry.
Key-note speakers, experts in the main conference cornerstones, will support the gain of knowledge and will be a stimulus to open up new research challenges.

5. Help us reach the EURAF goal: 50% of farmers adopting agroforestry by 2050

The EURAF 2020 conference pursues EURAF’s aim to promote the adoption of agroforestry practices across Europe. Starting from the traditional agroforestry systems of southern Europe, in particular the Mediterranean agrosilvopastoral systems, well represented by the Sardinian agroenvironment, the conference intends: to boost agroforestry knowledge exchange among European researchers; to facilitate technical discussion with extension practicioners, farmers and professional categories regarding the relationships between trees/woods and crops/livestock and the need to insert/maintain trees on farm; to open up a more effective dialogue on agroforestry issues with policy makers at local, national and international level. In this respect, all the efforts will be made to involve representatives of DG AGRI from Bruxelles in the event.

6. A cosy and relaxed atmosphere

Nuoro is a small city where everything is easily reachable. The conference has been conceived as “widespread event” across the city, a concept of meeting by which it is possible to move from one part of the town centre to another in a very short time. The plenary sessions will be held at Teatro Eliseo (over 400 seat in the auditorium area plus the seats in the loges).
The distances between the buildings are about 50-100 m (2-3 minutes walking). In agreement with the Municipality of Nuoro, the conference area will be closed to public traffic during the three-day conference and the routes linking the different buildings will be traced with a green carpet on the streets pavements and conference signposting.
In this manner, the transition of participants from a session to another will be smooth and easy. Moreover, they we’ll be able to roam easily across the city and to fully enjoy it.
In this respect, the widespread conference model will be also a means for the research institutions to get closer to citizens and, hopefully, also to make them approach the conference issues.