XLVIII National Meeting of the Italian Agronomy Society, SIA

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  • October 09, 2019
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The last 18-20 September the XLVIII National Meeting of the Italian Agronomy Society took place at the Dept. of Agrarian, Food and Environment Sciences of the University of Perugia. 

After a brilliant presentation about the main features and the huge diversity of agroforestry systems, two silvoarable field experiments have been presented:

  • an alley-cropping system of soybean and Short Rotation Forestry poplar rows, located Tuscany (Italy)
  • a durum wheat variety trial in an organic olive orchard, located in South of France

Different topics on the effect of the tree presence on crops have been approached: the changes in the plants phenology within the modified microclimatic environment, the changes in crop morphology and physiology under reduced light availability, the crop productivity according to the position in the alley, the relationship among crop yield, light availability and soil type, the wide variability among different genotypes in response to reduced PAR. The relevance of implementing variety screening and specific breeding programs for shade-tolerant crop varieties has been underlined.
More information http://www.siagr.it/index.php/it/2013-02-05-10-08-53/2013-02-05-17-47-30/482-xlviii-convegno-della-societa-italiana-di-agronomia